Three Weeks (And Counting)

Photo credits to my good friend Nick Bein, who decided to live out my dream for me last summer while I seized over his pictures.

If you are friends with me on Snapchat, odds are you already know that my 11-day excursion to the Rocky Mountains is only three long weeks away. If you aren’t friends with me on Snapchat, well, now you know.

Let’s look back at how we got here.

I was disappointed when I had to cancel my winter trip to Colorado for family matters. Disappointed for maybe, like, five seconds, because I quickly realized that trip would be a sight-seeing trip. Going in the summer meant I would be able to get in to the fun stuff. As a result of cancelling this trip, I was given credit for my ticket from American Airlines that I had one year to use. I knew exactly what it would be used for.

After months of planning and watching airline prices, I finally booked my flight in March, and the countdown was on. That was March 16; today is May 30. I’ve spent those past two and a half months (well, past five months, actually) preparing like I’ve never prepared before. For the first time in my life, I’ve willingly done cardio. I’ve also grown quite fond of the weight room. It’s no secret that climbing mountains requires one to be in excellent shape. I found this out the hard way as I lugged my overweight self up Mount Washington last summer, and there was no way I was going to do the same again, especially in Colorado. In light of this, I’ve spent the past five months running, lifting, biking, and I even spent an hour and a half going up and down a rather large set of stairs yesterday. I’m sure it’s drawn some funny looks, but my workout packet features an enlarged picture of Mount Elbert, our main destination in Colorado, on the front, with the word “Ready?” under it. While that’s a question I will ask myself on June 19 before we leave, and find out the answer to while we’re in Colorado, it’s served as a great motivational tool. I was not ready for Mount Washington; I’ll be damned if I’m not ready for this trip. I spent two weeks “preparing” (biking) for Mount Washington. I’ve spent over five months preparing for Colorado.

And so, here we are, three weeks away. Three weeks from this very moment, I’ll be in Colorado (knock on wood). It’s a feeling that is only beginning to kick in as a write this, even though my final preparations for the trip will begin next Tuesday. All that will separate me from my dream then will be two final weeks of heavy cardio and a couple of plane rides. That’s it. I have never, in my entire life, been more excited for something.

I should clarify, this is not going to be a vacation. It’s an adventure. It’s a test of myself, my strength, my will, and probably a test of my lungs. It’s years of wondering, dreaming, and waiting, it’s months of training, research, and preparation. It’s something that I, admittedly, cried over when I was told last summer I would not be going then. It’s been the subject of my dreams and the thing that has gotten me out of bed early to prepare for and kept me up late wondering about. And now, it’s only three weeks, 21 days, away from finally happening.

The mountains are calling…




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