Why Summer 2017 Will be the Best. Ever.

Wow do I need to get back in to writing or what?

Besides being a great stress reliever, I found that writing is just generally fun. Unfortunately, all of my writing lately has consisted of research papers and nothing else. School has been so hectic that, unfortunately, hiking and photography has taken a severe back seat, leaving my blog and Instagram page desolate and outdated.

That is only a matter of weeks (or maybe even days) from changing. This time next week, I’ll be a college senior, which scares me. This time next week will also be summer (my final summer break of college; equally scary). I feel like I’ve been getting this little tick, likely stemming from having hiked nothing more than the steps in my dorm building in the past two months. This has left me with nothing to write about and searching through Facebook for cool, old pictures for my Instagram feed. But, like I said, change is in the air. The first thing on my “To Do” list for this summer is hike. Somewhere. Anywhere. Having a girlfriend from New Jersey means I’ll get plenty of cool pictures at the beach, even though I’m more of a mountain guy. Speaking of mountains, I’ll be spending 11 days in the Rockies this summer after bailing on the trip in the winter. This trip has been booked for a little over a month now, but I’ve been training for it since January. On June 27, we (myself, Andrew, and Allison) will climb Mt. Elbert, the tallest mountain in the Rockies, to raise money for Alzheimer’s (https://www.gofundme.com/elbert-for-alzheimers). Before Colorado is a trip to Cape Cod, concerts, beach trips, and more hikes, and after is beach trips, more hikes, and Canada.

You could say I’m excited.

I’ll focus on the given headline of this summer. After not going last summer or winter, I had enough of putting this trip off and booked my flight to Denver. A few weeks later Allison did, and then so did Andrew. We leave June 20, and will work our way up a few mountains, including Elbert, as well as Andrew’s Glacier. In all honesty, there’s too much to talk about in one post, but there will be so much to write about and so many photos to share in the coming weeks and months. I’m beyond excited, and I hope everyone who is reading this is too.

Be back soon,




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