Love Always Trumps Hate

While I am typically very vocal about my opinions, political or otherwise, I do try and stay away from them on this page.

Not this one. Not this time.

I’m sure I will take some flak for this article. No, it will not change what happened last night, as much as I wish it could. It won’t change the 50% of Americans who voted for racism, for sexism, for hate and descrimination, for oppression, and for bigotry. But I wish it could.

Truthfully, I have never been more embarrassed to be an American. I starred at the ceiling of my dorm room until almost 3 AM last night, waiting for the news we were not supposed to hear. News that, as the night grew older, became as unavoidable as it did terrifying. I wondered how this great nation had come to this point, and I am still wondering that. Since when has it been okay to boast about sexual assault? Since when has it been okay to hate an entire religion because there is a small minority of radicals in it? If that’s the case, should we not hate Christianity due to it’s small minorities of radicals, as well? Since when has it been okay to hate on someone because their skin is a different color than ours?  Was that not an issue of over half a century ago? Have we not evolved?

Evidently, we have not.

If you voted for Donald Trump in this election because of your socioeconomic status, or because you are pro-guns or pro-abortion or pro-any Republican opinion, congrats. Just know what else you voted for. Know who you affected. Know what was at stake, and who you handed it over to.

If you voted for Hillary, then I’m sure you are expressing roughly the same feelings that I am right now, perhaps even worse. Keep your head held high. Know that you stood for equality, for love, and for opportunity. You did not stoop to the level of believing we should hate those who are different. You did not accept discrimination, and you took a stand against everything that is wrong with this country. You stood for the rights and equality of men and women alike, for the LGBTQ community, and for people of every race and religion who call this country home in hopes of a better life.

I’d like to encourage my small handful of readers not to hate on others who voted for Trump. Nor should you hate on those who voted for Johnson or Stein. I know it may be tempting. But if you express hatred, then you are no better than the Trump supporters who continue to hate Muslims, LGBTQ’s, women, and people of color. Love each other; it is more important now than ever. Show strength and resiliency. Rally together and fight for each other. Now more than ever, there is work to be done in this country. Do everything together. Do everything with love. And do it one step at a time.

And whatever you do, on Tuesday, November 10, 2020, go vote.

Love trumps hate. Always.




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